How to Toggle Classes in Svelte

How to Toggle Classes in Svelte

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2020 September 25 β€’ πŸ“– 1 min read
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You can use the class directive in Svelte to easily toggle classes on an element.

<!-- You can use the class: directive to toggle a class on an element -->

<!-- πŸ”΄ Instead of -->
<li class="{active ? 'active' : ''}">Dashboard</li>

<!-- βœ… You can do -->
<!-- The two are equivalent -->
<li class:active={active}>Dashboard</li>
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If both name and value match, you can also simplify things by omitting both the class name and the variable assignment as well:

<li class:active>Dashboard</li>
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You also have the option to define multiple classes at once, like so:

<li class:inactive class:hidden>Secrets</li>
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How to Toggle Classes in Svelte
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