How to Make Query Strings From an Object in JavaScript

How to Make Query Strings From an Object in JavaScript

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2020 August 02 β€’ Read time 2 min read
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In JavaScript, you can generate query strings from an object's key-value pairs using a one-liner:

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// Build query strings from object key-value pairs with
// the following line of code:

const params = {
  priceMin: 0,
  priceMax: 100,
  sort: 'asc'

Object.keys(params).map(key => `${key}=${params[key]}`).join('&');

// Results in the following output:

You only need to use Object.keys combined with a map and join. If you also need is a function, just copy the code below:

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const querify = object => Object.keys(object).map(key => `${key}=${object[key]}`).join('&');

  name: 'Patrick',
  image: '⭐'

How Does it Work?

To fully understand how it is working, let's go step by step and pick the function into pieces:

  • First, we pass the object to Object.keys. This will return an array with each key name.
  • Next, we pass it to a map function, that transforms each of the array's element into a string, namely the key of the object equal to its value.
    (${key}=${object[key]}) ➑️ "name=Patrick"
  • Using join, these key-value pairs are joined together using the & sign.
the use of object.keys

Want an Even Shorter Solution?

You can get things done even faster by using the URLSearchParams object:

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new URLSearchParams({  priceMin: 0,  priceMax: 100,  sort: 'asc'}).toString();

You just need to convert it to a string afterwards.

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Using jQuery

If you are still using jQuery, you can also achieve the same thing by using jQuery.param:

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jQuery.param({  name: 'Patrick',  image: '⭐'});
How to Make Query Strings From an Object in JavaScript
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