How to Get Intersection of Two Arrays in JavaScript

How to Get Intersection of Two Arrays in JavaScript

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2021 January 27 β€’ πŸ“– 2 min read

To get the difference of two arrays in JavaScript, you can use the combination of filter and includes. Imagine you have the following two arrays and you want to find out which elements are included in both:

const veggies = ['πŸ…', 'πŸ₯•', 'πŸ₯’'];
const fruits  = ['πŸ“', '🍌', 'πŸ…'];
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To get their intersection, you can use the following call:

const intersection = veggies.filter(v => fruits.includes(v));
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To get their differencem eg.: only the ones that veggies include, you can do the following:

const difference = veggies.filter(v => !fruits.includes(v));
const difference = fruits.filter(f => !veggies.includes(f));
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And in order to get the symmetric difference of two arrays β€” meaning leave out the ones that are in both arrays β€” you need to filter both of them and either use concat or destructuring:

const symmetricDifference = [
    ...veggies.filter(v => !fruits.includes(v)),
    ...fruits.filter(f => !veggies.includes(f))
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Reusable functions

If you need to rely on the same logic multiple times in your codebase, you can reuse them with the following function calls:

const intersect  = (a, b) => a.filter(a => b.includes(a));
const difference = (a, b) => a.filter(a => !b.includes(a));
const symmetric  = (a, b) => [
    ...a.filter(a => !b.includes(a)),
    ...b.filter(b => !a.includes(b))
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How to Get Intersection of Two Arrays in JavaScript
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