What is Event Delegation in JavaScript?

What is Event Delegation in JavaScript?

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2020 October 19 β€’ πŸ“– 1 min read

DOM event delegation is used for responding to user events via a single parent rather than each child node. With it, you can bind an event handler to a common parent element that will handle any event happening on one of its children:

<!-- Instead of doing: -->
    <li onclick="console.log(event.type);">πŸ“•</li>
    <li onclick="console.log(event.type);">πŸ“™</li>
    <li onclick="console.log(event.type);">πŸ“—</li>

<!-- We can do: -->
<ul onclick="console.log(event.type);">
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This has a couple of advantage over of using event listeners on individual elements:

  • You can respond to user events with one listener, which creates a leaner and more readable code.
  • You don’t need to rebind events if nodes are added
    through JavaScript.
What is Event Delegation in JavaScript?
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