How to Empty an Array in JavaScript?

How to Empty an Array in JavaScript?

Ferenc Almasi β€’ Last updated 2020 November 01 β€’ Read time 1 min read
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There are a number of ways to empty an array in JavaScript, probably the simplest is to reassign the variable to an empty array:

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let array = [1, 2, 3];

// Assigning to an empty array
array = [];

You can also set the length of the array to 0:

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// Setting its length property to 0
array.length = 0;

Splice can be also used get rid of everything from an array:

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// Using splice with the array's length
array.splice(0, array.length);

So which one to use? The simplest, and also the fastest operation is simply reassigning the variable to an empty array. To see the performance difference, checkout the 3 solutions on JSBen.

How you can empty an array in JavaScript
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