Does JavaScript Pass by Value or Reference?

Does JavaScript Pass by Value or Reference?

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2020 November 12 β€’ Read time 1 min read
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JavaScript always passes by value, except when a variable refers to an object. In that case, the value is a reference to the object.

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const original = {};
const copy     = original;

copy.text = 'Changed the copy';

// This will output { text: β€˜Changed the copy’ }
// As `copy` references `original`

You can try it out with the example above. Even though you've changed copy, as the reference is pointing to original, it will be changed too. In order to do deep copy an object β€” meaning you also create a new reference to detach from the original β€” you can use one of the examples below:

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// Using JSON.parse & JSON.stringify

// Using Object.assign
Object.assign({}, obj);

// Using object spread
{ ...obj };
Does JavaScript Pass by Value or Reference?
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