How to Intercept Network Requests in Cypress

How to Intercept Network Requests in Cypress

Ferenc Almasi β€’ Last updated 2021 October 25 β€’ Read time 1 min read
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To intercept network requests in Cypress we can use the cy.intercept command, passing the URL we want to intercept, and a mock JSON file that we want to return as a response:

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// Using a fixture as a mock response:
cy.intercept('/api', { fixtures: 'response.json' });

We can also customize the parameters by passing a configuration object to the intercept command:

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  method: 'GET',
  query: {
    limit: 10
  path: '/api'

If you want to specifically test a failure path and see how your application behaves when things go wrong, we can also mock the status code and return 500 for example:

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cy.intercept('GET', '/api', {
  statusCode: 500

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How to Intercept Network Requests in Cypress
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