How to Check if Your Buttons Are Disabled or Not In Cypress

How to Check if Your Buttons Are Disabled or Not In Cypress

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2022 August 16 β€’ Read time 2 min read
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To check if your buttons are disabled in Cypress or not, you can use the should('be.disabled') or should('') assertions.

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Generally speaking, reading positive conditions is easier to read, therefore from a readability standpoint, should('be.disabled') is the preferred way.

You can also check the opposite and see if your buttons are enabled by negating the assertions in the following way:

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Checking if button should not be disabled

Checking for aria attributes in Cypress

In case you need to also check if your buttons have the proper aria-disabled attributes set to test accessibility, you can use the should('have.attr') assertion.

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// Check if the attribute is present
cy.get('button').should('have.attr', 'aria-disabled')

// Check the value of the attribute as well
cy.get('button').should('have.attr', 'aria-disabled', 'true')
cy.get('button').should('have.attr', 'aria-disabled', 'false')

Notice that the third boolean parameter is also passed a string since the value of the attribute will be a string as well.

Enabling disabled buttons in Cypress

In case you need to enable disabled buttons in Cypress for testing purposes, you can use the invoke command:

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cy.get('button').invoke('prop', 'disabled', false)
Enabling disabled button in Cypress

Using invoke('prop') you can access all the available DOM properties on DOM elements, and either get their values (by passing only the first two parameters) or set their values (by passing the third value). Notice that you need to chain the invoke command from an element after grabbing it with cy.get.

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How to Check if Your Buttons Are Disabled or Not In Cypress
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