How to Add Headers to Every Request in Cypress

How to Add Headers to Every Request in Cypress

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2022 January 10 β€’ Read time 1 min read
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beforeEach(() => {
    cy.intercept(`${Cypress.config('baseUrl')}**`, req => {
        req.headers['Auth'] = Cypress.env('token')

        // or to delete a header
        delete req.headers['Id']

You can use the above code to add extra headers to every request you make in Cypress. Make sure you place the file in your support folder, inside a beforeEach hook.

It's a good practice to use a baseUrl, which you can access using Cypress.config. Using the asterisk wildcard, you can match every path under the domain.

Note that requests are intercepted at proxy level, therefore additional headers won’t show up in the Network tab.

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How to Add Headers to Every Request in Cypress
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