How to Select Everything Between HTML Comments With Regex

And how to extract the content in JavaScript
Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2023 June 07 β€’ πŸ“– 4 min read

When it comes to working with HTML files in JavaScript, in most cases, you will want to use a parser for complex tasks. However, regex also has its own place. Regex can be used for simple tasks, such as selecting everything between HTML comments.

In such cases, using a regex is a simpler solution and much faster than trying to achieve the same thing with an HTML parser. To select everything between HTML comments using regex, we can use the following formula:

/<!-- COMMENT_START -->(.*?)<!-- COMMENT_END -->/gs
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Everything that goes between // will be interpreted as a regex. Let's break down the regex to better understand how it works:

  • <!-- COMMENT_START -->: Matches the start of a comment block. You can replace COMMENT_START with the word of your choice.
  • (): This is a capture group that groups multiple tokens together for extracting a substring or using backreference. This is optional in our case.
  • .: This character will match any character except a newline.
  • *: This quantifier is used for matching 0 or more of the preceding token.
  • ?: This is also a quantifier that makes the regex match as few characters as possible. Without it, the match would include multiple whitespaces.
  • <!-- COMMENT_END -->: Matches the end of the comment block. This will be the end of the match.
  • gs: At the end of the regex, we can define expression flags. g stands for "global", which means all matches will be returned, not just the first one. s enables the "dotall" mode, which allows the . character to match newlines.
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How to use it in JavaScript

To use this regex in JavaScript and grab the content between the HTML comments, we can use the built-in test and match methods in the following way:

const html = '<!-- COMMENT_START -->...<!-- COMMENT_END -->'

if (/<!-- COMMENT_START -->/.test(html)) {
    const regex = /<!-- COMMENT_START -->(.*?)<!-- COMMENT_END -->/gs
    const matches = html.match(regex)

    matches.forEach(match => {
        const content = match
            .replace(/<!-- COMMENT_START -->/g, '')
            .replace(/<!-- COMMENT_END -->/g, '')
            .trim() // Optionally, you can trim off excess whitespaces

Extract content between HTML comments
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First, we need to test if the HTML contains the comments that we are looking for. This can be done by using the test method on a regex. The method accepts a string as a parameter and returns a boolean (true if the string contains the regex, otherwise false).

Inside the if statement, we can use the match method on the string, which will return an array of matches. This means we can grab all occurrences from an HTML file. To extract the content from between the comments, we can loop through the results and remove the HTML comments using the replace method.

  <div class="content">HTML Content between HTML comments</div>
<!-- COMMENT_END -->

  <div class="content">Another instance</div>
<!-- COMMENT_END -->
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Given the above example, the provided JavaScript snippet will match both blocks and extract the HTML content in between. The above example will produce the following output:

<div class="content">HTML Content between HTML comments</div>
<div class="content">Another instance</div>
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Regex is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. If you would like to test out your regexes visually, you can use online tools such as RegExr or Regexper. If you have any questions about the above solution, make sure you leave them in the comments below.

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