How to Fix "replaceAll is not a function" Errors in JS

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2022 November 10 β€’ πŸ“– 1 min read

The "replaceAll is not a function" error can happen for two reasons. The replaceAll function is only available on strings. Therefore, if the value you are using turns out to be anything other than a string, you are going to get the error.Β To fix this, make sure you are calling replaceAll on a string.

const value = []

// ❌ This will throw "replaceAll is not a function"

// βœ”οΈ Check the type before using the function
if (typeof value === 'string') {

// βœ”οΈ Convert the value to a string beforehand
Only call replaceAll on strings
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The other reason this can happen is when you are using an older version of Node. The replaceAll function is only available from Node v15. If you are using a lower version, you are going to run into the error. To get around this, either update your node version if possible or use replace with a global regex.

// ❌ Instead of using replaceAll
value.replaceAll('-', '/')

// βœ”οΈ Use replace with a regex
value.replace(/-./g, '/')
Using replace with a regular expression in place of replaceAll
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Support-wiseΒ replace is also more widely supported than replaceAll. In case you need to keep older browsers supported, it is worth going with replace over replaceAll.

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