Master JavaScript

Master JavaScript

from start to finish

🔄 Last updated: 2023 April 27

Check out our interactive course to master JavaScript from start to finish and start building your dream projects!

🧠 Why Should I Take This Course?

There are countless tutorials online about everything. It's hard to know which information is up-to-date and relevant. This course includes relevant information without fluff in an organized manner so you can master JavaScript in less time, and be job-ready as soon as possible.

At the end of this interactive course, you will have a solid understanding of how and why JavaScript works the way it works, and you will have no problem building out new projects from scratch. Most importantly, you will learn how to write good, high-quality JavaScript code.

🔍 What You Will Get

This course includes the following content to help you master modern JavaScript from the very beginning, as well as a resources section with 350+ additional high-quality webtips, cheatsheets, and members-only posts to help you on your developer journey.

📖 How You Will Learn

📋 What is Covered in this Course?

Get to know JavaScript from the start

This course will start off by taking you through the JavaScript fundamentals. How the syntax looks like, what are the different data types that are available in JavaScript, how to work with variables, different loops, and conditions.

  • -> The Syntax of JavaScript
  • -> Data Types
  • -> Variables
  • -> Conditions and Loops
  • -> Quiz Yourself on the Fundamentals of JavaScript
Learn everything about JavaScript operators

Next, we will move on to learn about operators. Not just on how to work with arithmetic and logical operators, but also on how they can help you create various expressions.

  • -> Arithmetic Operators
  • -> Comparisons
  • -> Logical Operators
  • -> Quiz Yourself on JavaScript Operators
Get the best of JavaScript by mastering functions

JavaScript is highly functional, that's why we tackle functions right away as soon as we have a solid ground. Functions are everywhere, and if you can use them right, there is no limit on what you can create.

  • -> Function Declarations
  • -> Parameters and Arguments
  • -> Function Returns
  • -> Invoking Functions
  • -> The Power of Function Composition
  • -> Quiz Yourself on JavaScript Functions
  • -> Mission: Building a Calculator
Learn why we need arrays, and how to work with them

JavaScript comes with a handful of array utilities. In fact, more than you can count on your hands, each being powerful in its own way. This is why arrays need a separate section on their own.

In JavaScript, everything is an object. But how?

Arrays are powerful, but combine them with objects, and then you will be able to represent any type of data. Learn how you can work with properties, master the use of the this keyword, and built-in object methods

  • -> Object Definitions
  • -> Properties and Methods
  • -> The this Keyword
  • -> Quiz Yourself on JavaScript Objects
  • -> Mission: Building a Sortable and Filterable Table
For fulfilling promises, Asynchronicity is

Now that you know everything about the basic building blocks of JavaScript, you know how to build powerful functions, and work with arrays and objects in and out, it's time to also master promises, and how asynchronous behavior can help you execute code in a non-linear fashion.

  • -> Callbacks
  • -> Promises
  • -> Async/Await
  • -> Quiz Yourself on Asynchronicity
Put the learnings together, and learn how to communicate with the web

Master everything you have learned so far, and extend your JavaScript knowledge with lessons on core Web APIs. These are some of the APIs you will work with the most. Learn everything about the DOM, how to communicate with servers, and how to work with states.

  • -> The DOM
  • -> The Fetch API
  • -> The Local Storage API
  • -> Quiz Yourself on Web APIs
  • -> Mission: Storing Data in the Browser
  • -> Mission: Display Data from an API
  • -> Building an App - Part I.
  • -> Building an App - Part II.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have questions about the purchase? Check out some of the FAQs.

What do I need to know to take this course?

You can take this course with absolute zero knowledge of JavaScript as we are going to start from the very beginning, and cover everything you need to know to get you up and ready.

Is this course right for me if I am not a beginner?

While this course mainly focuses on beginners, you may still find valuable information on some more advanced concepts if you have prior knowledge. It will also help to give you a better overview of how everything ties together in the world of JavaScript.

Are there any additional fees/time limits involved?

No additional monthly or yearly fees/microtransactions or time limits are involved. Once you purchase the course, you will get access to everything without having to spend more.

What happens if I purchase the course and it gets updated?

You will get free lifetime updates once you purchase the course. This means that you won't be missing out on important updates. In fact, when an update is available, you will notified in the course.

How do I use the course after purchasing it?

After purchasing the course, you will be redirected to our login page where you can use the email address you used during checkout to login. You can also reach the login page from our navigation. You need nothing else apart from your email. We will send you a verification code on each login to keep your account safe.

What if I buy the course and do not like it?

While I'm certain that you will love the material, if for any reason you think it is still not worth it, you can get a refund within 30 days by contacting us.

Isn't it too late to learn this? AI is already taking over the world!

The best time to learn JavaScript was 10 years ago. The second best time is now. AI is not going to replace developers anytime soon.

Any other questions?

In case of any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out through our contact form.

📚 Other Resources

Where to go next? Once you finish this course, there will be a resources section with additional materials from where you can take your learnings further to the next level to learn about more advanced concepts of JavaScript.